Frequently Asked Questions

Are your prices on the web final?

The prices are only indicative and may vary depending on the length of the journey. The listed price does not include any waiting time that will be added to the fare depending on the flow of traffic, waiting when the car is delivered, etc.

How much would it cost to travel from …... to …... within Prague?

On our homepage you can enter exact pick-up and drop-off locations and calculate an approximate price, for a discounted rate if you book online on our website.

If I lose my receipt, can I get a copy?

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons we are not able to issue a copy of the receipt.

What does waiting time mean?

A taximeter, a certified official measuring instrument sealed by the Czech Metrology Institute, charges waiting time even in the course of the journey, e.g. when stopping at traffic lights or when driving less than about 12 km/hour. At that moment mileage is not charged but waiting time fare applies. This is a general feature of a taximeter and so waiting time influences the final price depending e.g. on how heavy the traffic is during the journey.